Abravanel’s World of Torah
is an enticingly innovative yet thoroughly loyal rendition of a major 15th century Hebrew classic.
For the first time, Don Yitzchak Abravanel’s Bible commentary has become accessible in ENGLISH.

Abravanel’s World of Torah

spines abravanel bookAbravanel’s World of Torah, upon completion, will comprise a multi-volume set of Don Yitzchak Abravanel’s commentary to the Five Books of Moses. This series is not a linear translation but rather a methodical, structured interpretation of Abravanel’s commentary. It is designed to be read and studied independently or can be used as an excellent guide and helpful companion to the Hebrew original.

Abravanel’s World of Torah: Bereshit was originally published by Torah Renaissance Press in 2012.  This was followed by a Second Printing (2nd Ed.) in 2013 and a Third Printing in 2014.  

Abravanel’s World of Torah: Shemot Volume I covers the first six parshiyot in Sefer Shemot. This volume features a systematic translation of Abravanel’s classic commentary beginning with Parashat Shemot until the end of Parashat Mishpatim, plus much more.

Abravanel's World of Torah:Shemot Volume II concludes Sefer Shemot. It features an in depth analysis of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), the Thirteen Attributes, and much more.

Vayikra is due out in the Spring of 2017.  


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