Abravanel’s World of Torah
is an enticingly innovative yet thoroughly loyal rendition of a major 15th century Hebrew classic.
For the first time, Don Yitzchak Abravanel’s Bible commentary has become accessible in ENGLISH.

Enhance your Understanding and Appreciation of Shavuot

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This booklet is an excerpt from Abravanel’s World of Torah: Shemot – Sinai Rules. It provides excellent source material for Chag Hashavuot (Festival of Weeks).

This booklet features a lengthy excerpt from parashat Yitro (sixth aliyah). It contains an authentic and reliable contemporary translation of Abravanel as it pertains to one of the Torah’s single most monumental events: SINAI. His exposé on the subject is as insightful as it is thorough.

Readers will gain a deeper appreciation for the unparalleled event of the Revelation at Sinai, and they will also learn about The Nature of Prophecy, The Mystical Shechinah, Moshe’s Role,  Grand Themes and Eternal Messages, Miracle & The Supernatural, Divine Providence and much more.

Read Alan Jay Gerber's review of the Shavuot Supplement. It was published in the Kosher Bookworm in May 2015.
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