Rabbi Yaakov Yisroel Greiniman (Silver Spring, MD):
It is an honor to have your wonderful books, Abravanel on the Torah in English. We eagerly anticipate future volumes of this excellent work. Berachah v'hatzlachah.
Rabbi Berel Wein:
An outstanding translation of the fascinating commentary by the last of the Spanish greats
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D.:
A major contribution to Torah literature
Rabbi Steven Weil:
Bar Eitan has done an outstanding job of making the Abravanel accessible to the world of lomdei Torah….This work is a must for educators, Rabbis as well as those who explore the parashah each and every week.
Rabbi Gil Student:
Abravanel needs a redeemer…Bar Eitan takes on this complex task
Rabbi Rafi Lipner (Shaarei Tefillah, Toronto):
Rav Bar Eitan has really done a fantastic job at opening up the floodgates of wisdom that are in the pages of the Abarbanel’s sefer, which many have often found difficult to access and appreciate…until now!
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky (BnaiYeshurun, Teaneck):
A welcome contribution to the world of Torah scholarship. The narrative style simultaneously grips the student and answers many subtle and usually unasked questions on the Torah. All are resolved in light of the astonishing erudition of Don Yitzchak Abravanel.
Craig A. Keebler, M.D. and Author (Seattle):
I have been reading my daily parsha with Rashi along with this wonderful Abravanel translation/commentary. Wow. What a wonderful way with words, and gift for finding the precise English word with the perfect nuance in meaning that always fits the situation. I don't think American thesaurus’ even get to these related words - only British ones do. I am sad to be reading the last Bereishit parsha this week - I had to read ahead to the end of the parsha by Wednesday, as I couldn't put it down.
Rabbi Avraham Steinberg (Young Israel of the Main Line):
It was an exciting and rare opportunity for my congregants when they heard Zev Bar Eitan's presentation on Abravanel. While we are accustomed to studying from various commentators, the notion that a commentator's word are fully understood only with the backdrop of his entire approach is often lost on today's student of Tanach. Very thought provoking and important.