“And God called unto Moses, and spoke unto him out of the Tent of the Meeting. Speak unto the
Children of Israel, and say unto them: When any man of you brings an offering unto God, you shall
bring your offering of the cattle, even of the herd or the flock.”

‘Heaven acknowledged how priests deserved the Jews’ financial support. Through a system of tithes
and gifts, their needs were taken care of. This not only freed them from having to make a living, but it
also provided repose and sufficient peace of mind to allow them to do their jobs maximally. An
equitable arrangement assured steady income for the Kohanim and their families.

Clearly the Torah foresaw how priests, a branch of the tribe of Levi, would accede to special status
within the national fabric and rise to predominance. Their admirable erudition, refinement, and
character were also marked by outward appearances. In this, particular vestments played a pivotal

Page 10 Vayikra vol. I: The Meat of the Matter