“And Moshe assembled all the congregation of the Children of Israel and he said to them: These are
the words that God has commanded to do them.”

Abarbanel asks : When did Moshe make the appeal to fund the Tabernacle?

‘After Moshe descended the mountain, he addressed the entire nation. His call, naturally, reached out
to men and women. A gathering took place in the prophet’s personal Tent of Meeting, located beyond
the Hebrews’ encampment. It was crucial to assemble everyone so that they could all hear God’s
words spoken via Moshe.

In essence, the gathering was a rally for people to generously come forward and shoulder the financial
costs of building the Mishkan. According to the Ramban, this appeal, for lack of a better word, took
place the day after Moshe had come down from Sinai….

Page 320 Shemot vol. II: Assembled at Sinai