Abarbanel’s first Aliyah to Parashat Tzav, an excerpt from Abravanel’s World of Torah by Zev Bar Eitan

“And God spoke to Moses saying: Command Aaron and his sons saying. This is the law of the burnt

‘Recall that in the earlier section of Leviticus, Moses addressed the Hebrew general assembly. That
was because the section dealt with and focused on categories of the populace needing to bring
sacrifices. In contrast, here the Torah highlights Aaron and his sons, as Moses instructed them in
proper procedures. After all, they were entrusted with officiating in the Tabernacle. Some tasks were
performed by Aaron the High Priest, while others were done by Aaron’s sons. They were subordinate
to him. “Command Aaron and his sons.”

Page 132 Vayikra vol. I: The Meat of the Matter